We present a data set of ground motion recordings and site information from vertical array sites in California. The recordings include two horizontal components of ground shaking at the ground surface level and from downhole sensors. The availability of both surface and downhole recordings at the same site facilitates direct observations of site response. The site data include measured shear-and compression-wave velocities, and, where available, geotechnical boring logs. We considered 39 vertical array sites in California and chose 21 for inclusion in the database on the basis of having at least four pairs of surface/downhole recordings. The recordings and site data are presented in a data repository, which is accessible at the DesignSafe platform (DOI: 10.17603/146DS2N680). The original digital accelerograms are processed in a manner consistent with NGA-West2 protocols. In this paper, this data set is compared to a similar but larger data set from Japanese vertical arrays compiled by others.

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