Empirical correlations of horizontal peak spectral amplitudes (PSA) are modeled using the total-residuals obtained in a ground motion prediction equation (GMPE) regression. Recent GMPEs moved toward partially non-ergodic region- and site-specific predictions, while the residual correlation models remained largely ergodic. Using mixed-effects regression, we decompose the total-residuals of a pan-European GMPE into between-event, between-site, and event-and-site corrected residuals to investigate the ergodicity in empirical PSA correlations. We first observed that the between-event correlations are magnitude-dependent, partially due to the differences in source spectra, and influence of stress-drop parameter on small and large events. Next, removing the between-site residuals from within-event residuals yields the event-and-site corrected residuals which are found to be region-dependent, possibly due to the regional differences in distance-decay of short period PSAs. Using our site-corrected magnitude- and region-dependent correlations, and the between-site residuals as empirical site-specific ground motion adjustments, we compute partially non-ergodic conditional mean spectra at four well-recorded sites in Europe and Middle Eastern regions.09_EERI_33_4_Suppl_ES1_Online.xlsx

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