This paper describes four data sets of cyclic simple shear (CSS) tests under modulated harmonic and transient loadings. The CSS tests were performed on reconstituted Nevada Sand specimens prepared by the wet sedimentation method at target relative densities of 40% and 70%. The data sets are freely available through the George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation data repository (; database DOIs: 10.4231/D3W66991S, 10.4231/D30Z70X6F, 10.4231/D34Q7QR0T, 10.4231/D3RJ48W0Z). This paper describes the experimental apparatus, documentation of the specimen preparation procedures, loading histories, and summarizes the available CSS test data. The database includes 106 CSS tests and provides valuable information that can systematically illustrate the response of sand subjected to transient loadings before and after initiation of liquefaction; such a public database had been virtually non-existent until now.

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