Earthquake Spectra would like to recognize with gratitude the following individuals who have served as Reviewers for manuscripts that were reviewed from November 2014 through November 1, 2015. The voluntary and meticulous service they have provided—many for multiple articles—has been vital for authors and readers of the Journal. Though we have tried to put together a comprehensive list, we apologize for any omissions below.

  • Jon Ake

  • Sinan Akkar

  • Linda Al Atik

  • João Pacheco Almeida

  • Ebrahim AmiriHormozaki

  • Ioannis Anastasopoulos

  • Donald G. Anderson

  • John Anderson

  • Hideo Aochi

  • Gail Atkinson

  • Robert Bachman

  • Laurie Gaskins Baise

  • Andre Barbosa

  • Pierre-Yves Bard

  • Steven F. Bartlett

  • Celine...

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