In recent years a number of nonlinear static procedures (NSPs) have been developed and proposed. Such pushover-based seismic assessment procedures are relatively straightforward to employ and are generally chosen over nonlinear dynamic analysis, especially within the realm of design office application. Parametric comparisons between the different NSPs available, however, are still somewhat sparse. In this work, five commonly employed NSPs (the N2 method, capacity spectrum method, modal pushover analysis, adaptive modal combination procedure, and the adaptive capacity spectrum method) are applied in the assessment of 16 frames subjected to a large number of input motions with a view to assess the accuracy level of such approaches through comparison with nonlinear dynamic analysis results. The evaluation shows that all the NSPs are able to accurately predict displacements and to produce reasonable estimates for other response parameters, with limited dispersion. Even though no single NSP tested led to consistently superior results, modal pushover analysis and the adaptive capacity spectrum method seemed to perform slightly better.

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