Based on the seismic history of the city of Catania (Italy), the Etna earthquake of 20 February 1818 (IMCS = VIII–IX, MS = 6.2) has been considered as an earthquake scenario. Despite its lower magnitude, the Etna 1818 earthquake can be accounted for in the seismic hazard assessment of Catania, since it may cause heavy damage to the city. The epicenter was located along the southeastern flanks of the Etna Volcano, close to the municipal area of the city of Catania. The ground-response analysis at the surface has been obtained by one-dimensional (1-D) nonlinear models. According to the response spectra obtained through the application of the nonlinear models, the city of Catania has been divided into zones with different peak ground acceleration at the surface. A ground-shaking map for the urban area of the city of Catania was generated via GIS for the 1818 earthquake scenario.

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