Seismic intensity in the epicentral area of the 2003 Bam, Iran earthquake is estimated using a questionnaire survey conducted two months after the earthquake. The estimated average seismic intensity on the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) scale is 6.1 (VIII to IX in the MMI scale). The peak frequency of the horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio derived from microtremor measurements conducted during reconnaissance is also compared with the seismic intensity. Collapse rates for various structure types, such as adobe, unreinforced/reinforced masonry, steel-frame, and reinforced concrete, are obtained by counting the number of demolished buildings within an area of about 50-m radius around an observation point. Results show large differences in collapse rates between unreinforced and reinforced masonry, and suggest the upper limit of seismic intensity that unreinforced masonry can sustain. This fact can be utilized for an initial damage assessment within affected areas after large earthquakes.

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