Scientometrics is a field of study that involves measuring and analyzing scientific literature and can be a valuable tool to assess and reveal major gaps in national scientific production. Among the major challenges for Brazilian science is the development of research in the extensive national marine realm. This paper provides a scientometric survey of papers involving foraminiferal research in Brazil. The metrics utilized were papers listed in “Capes Portal” and “Scopus” databases up to the year of 2019. A total of 324 papers were found and 177 were selected based upon criteria established. A generalized additive model (GAM) was used to establish a relationship between publications and time. Studies involving foraminifera increased in Brazil from 1952 to 2019. Most studies have been conducted in the southeast region. We identified the need for more research on foraminifera to be carried out in the Brazilian continental margin, especially in the north and northeast regions of the country.

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