T120. Cushman Foundation Symposium: Hothouse to Coldhouse Transitions at Southern High Paleolatitudes during the Cretaceous and Cenozoic

T91. Evolution of Paleontological Art

T116. New Developments in Geochemical Proxies for Paleoceanographic Research

T121. Insights from Microfossils, Palynology, and Their Modern Analogs: From Traditional to Emerging Techniques

T122. Oceans and Climates through Earth History: From Proxy Reconstructions to Model Assessments (Posters)

T124. Integrated Biostratigraphy (Posters)

T132. Applications of 3D Printing and Other 3D Methods to Experimental Paleontology

T175. Late Jurassic through Early Cretaceous Geologic Time Scale

Abstract deadline: 14 August 2018: http://community.geosociety.org/gsa2018/home


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