Angelina Altıner, 1988 has been considered to be a junior synonym of Xingshandiscus Zheng, 1986. This synonymy is irrelevant, because Angelina is unilayered pseudofibrous, whereas Xingshandiscus exhibits a bilayered wall consisting of an inner dark microgranular layer and an outer clear pseudofibrous layer. Furthermore, as Angelina is a pre-occupied name, it was mechanically replaced without any taxonomic discussion by Altineria Özdikmen, 2009. Altineria is re-discussed and emended in this study; it reveals the most advanced evolutionary stage of pseudovidalinid foraminifers. The parallel evolution of lasiodiscoids and archaediscoids is again verified, since the evolved lasiodiscoid Altineria is a homeomorph of the evolved archaediscid Browneidiscus. This remarkable homeomorphy of both groups (with the same stages, involutus, concavus, angulatus and tenuis) explains the earlier mistakes made in the recognition of some so-called Late Carboniferous–Early Permian archaediscids, which belong in reality to pseudovidalinids.

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