The waters around the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (ANI) sustain a rich fauna, including larger benthic foraminifera (LBF), which are presently not well-studied. We documented the diversity and distribution of LBF at six reef sites (4–30 m) in South Andaman. We recorded a total of 16 LBF species belonging to 12 genera and 7 families. Amphistegina lessonii, A. radiata, and Calcarina spengleri were found at five of the sites surveyed. The density of living larger benthic foraminifera was 5–17 specimens per cm2. The Shannon-Wiener Diversity Index (H) ranged from 0.90–2.06, the Margalef Species Richness Index (D) from 0.39–1.62 and Pielou's Equitability Index (J) from 0.77–1.12. These relatively high index values reflect the carbonate environment, characterized by a diverse and relatively even distribution of larger benthic foraminiferal assemblages in the South Andaman Islands.

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