A detailed investigation of the protoglobigerinids from the lower Kimmeridgian section at Les Bouchoux, Jura Mountains, France, has been carried out by study of thin sections and acetolysis extractions. This predominantly indurated carbonate succession represents peri-platform, hemipelagic deposits, well-dated by ammonites. Despite the small number of isolated individuals, the association is relatively diverse, including: Conoglobigerina avariformis Kasimova in Kasimova and Aliyeva, recorded for the first time in an early Kimmeridgian epicontinental facies; Globuligerina bathoniana (Pazdrowa); Favusella hoterivica (Subbotina), with favose reticulation and wall pores; F.? parva (Kuznetsova), with an intra-umbilical aperture; and Compactogerina stellapolaris (Grigelis). In addition to the species we found, the literature on protoglobigerinids, though sparse, confirms the presence of Globuligerina oxfordiana (Grigelis) and probably Haeuslerina helvetojurassica (Haeusler) in the early Kimmeridgian. More research is needed to determine their phyletic relationships and paleogeographic distribution.

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