Boueina pacificaIshijima, 1978, found in Aptian shallow-water carbonates from Seberuang (Indonesia), was originally ascribed to the calcareous halimedacean algae (Chlorophyta). However, during a taxonomic revision of Ishijima’s types of Corallinales (Rhodophyta) described from 1954 to 1978, the type specimens of Boueina pacificaIshijima 1978—currently housed at the Geology and Paleontology Department, National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo (Japan)—have been identified as an orbitolinid foraminifer. The types have a microgranular shell texture with clearly distinguishable exoskeletal and endoskeletal shell structures diagnostic of the larger foraminiferal subfamily Orbitolininae. Unfortunately, “Boueina” pacifica Ishijima has no diagnostic features that can be used to ally it to any particular genus or species of the orbitolinids.

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