A new subfamily Asipholageninae is described to accommodate a distinct group of unilocular foraminifera that possesses a double-wall structure and lacks an entosolenian tube. These characters distinguish the proposed subfamily Asipholageninae from all other known subfamilies of Lagenidae, viz., Lageninae, which is characterized by a single wall and lack of an entosolenian tube; Ellipsolageninae, which is characterized by a single wall and an entosolenian tube; and Sipholageninae, which is characterized by a double wall and an entosolenian tube. In addition, a new genus Asipholagena and a new species Asipholagena tappani are reported. The specimens described herein are Holocene in age and were recovered from a mudflat in the Gulf of Kachchh, northwestern India.

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