The species Globotruncana (Rotalipora) reicheli and Gobotruncana (Rotalipora) montsalvensis, were established in 1949 by Mornod. The two holotypes were figured only by drawings and the specimens were never made publicly available. Since their first description, these two species have acquired great importance as biostratigraphic markers. However, holotypes had been considered as lost and neotypes were established and described.

Recently, these holotypes were discovered. We present here for the first time Scanning Electron Microscope images of the holotypes and compare them with the original drawings and neotypes to highlight possible similarities and differences. Generic assignment is made following a recent emendation for the polyphyletic group of rotaliporids, with the generic attribution as follows: Thalmanninella reicheli (Mornod) and Rotalipora montsalvensis Mornod.

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