A major revision to the Antarctic Paleogene planktonic foraminifer biozonation is presented using the latest species concepts and biostratigraphic studies of Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) sites located between 52°S and 65°S paleolatitude in the southern South Atlantic and southern Indian Oceans. Shorthand prefixes for the Antarctic Paleogene zones are designated as “AP” zones for the “Antarctic Paleocene”, “AE” zones for the “Antarctic Eocene”, and “AO” zones for the “Antarctic Oligocene”. New numerical ages for Paleogene planktonic foraminiferal and calcareous nannofossil first- and last-occurrence events are estimated using new age-depth curves constructed for ODP Sites 738 and 744 in the southern Indian Ocean. The order and timing of these events are compared with bio-, magneto- and chemostratigraphic datums that have been recently published, reinterpreted, or observed in the present study. The revised zonal framework and age models will improve correlation of Paleogene planktonic foraminifer pelagic and hemipelagic carbonate sequences within and outside the Austral Realm.

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