Benthic foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Lower Jurassic platform carbonate succession from the Aydincik area (Central Taurides, Southern Turkey) has been carried out. Three main biozones comparable to those from the Lower Jurassic of Morocco and Northern Italy have been identified. The Lituosepta recoarensis Phylozone has a well-defined relative biostratigraphic position as well as the overlying Orbitopsella Phylozone, which is widespread all over the southern Tethys platforms of the Lower Jurassic. The species Lituosepta compressa Hottinger is first recorded in this biozone, i.e., below the Orbitopsella Zone. The Lituolipora termieri Interval Zone defined by the disappearance of the genus Orbitopsella characterizes the upper part of the Lower Jurassic sections.

A generic revision of the species Mayncina termieri Hottinger, afterwards attributed to the genus Paleomayncina Septfontaine, has been made. This species has a keriothecal wall, nearly plani- to streptospirally coiled test, and an ontogenetic evolution of the aperture from basal-central to cribrate; it is considered herein as a junior synonym of Lituolipora polymorpha GušIć and Velić. It is proposed that the genus Lituolipora should be retained due to priority.

The variability of the species Lituolipora termieri is also described.

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