The name Charliella is proposed for a new biseriamminid genus characterized by a four-layered wall that thickens along the anterior side of the septa and partially occludes the chamber cavity. Charliella rossae was derived from the Globivalvulina graeca-Globivalvulina vonderschmitti lineage which also constituted the root stock of true Paraglobivalvulina (P. mira) in Late Permian time. The Globivalvulina decrouezae-Septoglobivalvulina gracilis-Paraglobivalvulinoides septulifer lineage is another trend in the evolution of biseriamminids. The recognition of such a lineage in the Late Permian necessitates taxonomic revision of the biseriamminids to attribute globular and involute forms with thin and undifferentiated walls to Septoglobivalvulina, a genus which was synonymized under Paraglobivalvulina in previous work.

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