The rich fossil content of the Lower Jurassic carbonate successions of the Trento Platform (northeastern Italy) have been studied since the beginning of the nineteenth century. This detailed study on several stratigraphic sections cropping out in this area, all spanning the Liassic Rotzo Member (Calcari Grigi formation, Venetian Prealps), provides us new biostratigraphic data about the genus EverticyclamminaRedmond 1964. A new species of Everticyclammina, E. praevirguliana n. sp., is formally described from the Calcari Grigi, where it occurs in levels attributed to the late Sinemurian to Domerian age. Everticyclammina praevirguliana n. sp. thus becomes the first representative of the genus in the Early Jurassic; this record consequently enables the stratigraphic distribution of the genus to be lowered to the Liassic. Hence the plexus of Everticyclammina evolving communities now bridges the Liassic (late Sinemurian) to Early Cretaceous (Aptian) interval.

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