Fossiliferous limestones in the Iwai-Kanyo area, west Tokyo, yield 44 species assignable to 31 genera of Dorashamian foraminifers. A Palaeofusulina sinensis fauna and a Colaniella parva-Nanlingella? simplex fauna are distinguished based on differences in faunal composition. The former fauna is confirmed in a lenticular limestone of the Oguno Formation, and the latter is obtained from limestone pebbles to cobbles contained in the conglomeratic limestone of the Anisian Kaizawa Formation. The Upper Permian foraminiferal fauna in the Tethyan Realm differs a great deal in its composition from place to place because of provincialism and many endemic characters. The present two faunas have close affinities with the Changxingian faunas of South China, and contain characteristic Upper Permian genera such as Palaeofusulina, Colaniella, Nanlingella?, Paraglobivalvulina, Robuloides, and Dagmarita. Two new species, Abadehella iwaiensis and Cryptoseptida kanyoensis are described.

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