A stratigraphically complete section, exposed along a tributary to the Mountain River in the Northwest Territories, provides a reference section for the Devonian Horn River Group (Hare Indian, Ramparts, and Canol formations). Detailed whole rock geochemical data and total organic carbon content variations are related to the lithostratigraphy, thus providing a standard for regional correlation. The name ‘Bell Creek Member’ is proposed for the upper part of the Hare Indian Formation known as the “grey shale member”, and is defined at the Mountain River section. This member is heterogeneous and consists of two lithofacies: 1) a green-grey, silty shale and limestone facies (Bell Creek Member, grey facies); and 2) a dark grey, silty shale and limestone facies (Bell Creek Member, dark facies). The dark grey facies is described from a reference section along the Carcajou River, and is distributed south of 65°N latitude. The Bell Creek Member is Givetian in age.

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