Interpretation of recent industry seismic reflection data provides important insights into the structural style of the southern Quebec Appalachians structural front, south of Drummondville. Especially, the occurrence of thrusts propagating west of the mapped limit of the parautochthonous domain is widely documented. Extensive décollement planes dominate the structural style east of the Aston Fault and define the soles of tectonic slices stacked into hinterland-dipping duplexes. The Chambly-Fortierville Syncline and Logan’s Line are not imaged seismically. Growth faults were active since the deposition of the Potsdam Group and at least until the deposition of Trenton Group. Normal faults also extend into the overlying molasse and flysch units and antithetic faults are more common than previously documented. Normal faults are crosscut by Appalachian thrusts.

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