The Michelle Formation crops out in the Ogilvie Mountains where it is underlain by the Road River Formation of Ordovician to Early Devonian age and overlain by the Ogilvie Formation of Middle Devonian age. The brachiopod fauna of the Michelle Formation is correlated with the Eurekaspirifer pinyonensis Zone (Emsian) of Nevada, and the dacryoconarid tentaculite fauna is tentatively correlated with the Guerichina strangulata Zone (late (Pragian, early Emsian) of Bohemia. The conodonts of the Michelle Formation belong to the Polygnathus lenzi fauna (early Emsian) of Klapper and the trilobites and ostracodes indicate an undifferentiated Emsian age.

The Michelle Formation is correlated with Lower Devonian successions of Nevada, Yukon, Alaska and the Arctic Islands.

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