The first petroleum stratigraphic test in Hudson Bay Basin, Sogepet-Aquitaine Kaskattama Province No. 1, was drilled in 1966-67. Located in Manitoba on the southwestern coast of Hudson Bay, at lat 57 degrees 04'18.487" and long 90 degrees 10'29.408", the well reached a total depth of 2941 feet after drilling 2913 feet of Phanerozoic strata and 28 feet of Precambrian. Besides Ordovician and Silurian rocks, Upper? Silurian and Devonian rocks, hitherto only observed as drift and rubble in the Hudson Bay Basin, were penetrated. The most promising reservoir rock is the Middle Silurian Attawapiskat Formation, a reefal and porous unit 236 feet thick. Reconnaissance surveys, made in 1963 and 1964 of Southampton, Coats and Mansel islands in northern Hudson Bay, resulted in discovery of oil shale on Southampton Island.

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