The effects of chemical treatment on the radiation-shielding properties of Philippine natural zeolites were investigated using EpiXS following the EPICS2017 library. The zeolites were studied using X-ray diffraction and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. The acid treatment eliminated Fe and Ca, having a negative impact on the cross-section of the HCl-modified zeolite. The mass attenuation coefficients of the raw, NaOH- and HCl-modified zeolites at 1332 keV were 0.0545, 0.0544 and 0.0548 cm2 g–1, respectively. At 100–10,000 keV, the linear attenuation coefficient depends on the density and increases in the order HCl-modified > NaOH-modified > raw zeolite. In the energy range of 100–16,000 keV, the mean free path and half-value layer values are in the order of HCl-modified < NaOH-modified < raw zeolite. The raw and NaOH-modified zeolites have comparable effective atomic numbers, whereas the HCl-treated zeolite has significantly lower such values.

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