A Na-montmorillonite (Na-MMT) was activated with HNO3 (20 wt.%) solution at various temperatures and times to obtain acid-activated MMT (Acid-MMT). Zinc (4 wt.%) was supported on Acid-MMT via the impregnation method using Zn(NO3)2⋅6H2O as a precursor. The catalytic performance of the Zn/Acid-MMT for the aromatization of heptane was investigated. The amount and distribution of acidity of Acid-MMT, which could be adjusted by changing the acid activation time and temperature, significantly affected the heptane conversion and aromatics content. As a result, an efficient Zn/Acid-MMT catalyst for the aromatization reaction was obtained by optimizing the acid-treatment conditions of Na-MMT.

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