The effect of ulexite concentrator waste on the physical and mechanical properties and sintering behaviour of a standard floor tiles (FT) body fired at 1080°C was studied. The linear firing shrinkage, water absorption and fired bending strength of the floor tile/tiles were determined. X-ray diffraction analyses identified quartz, albite, mullite and hematite phases in the floor tiles containing 3 wt.% waste material. The FT body with the smallest water absorption (∼0.2%), the greatest bending strength (∼335 kgf/cm2) and the second greatest linear firing shrinkage values had optimal composition. In light of the excellent physical-mechanical properties and the results of the scanning electron microscopy-energy dispersive X-ray analyses, the authors determined that the sintering temperature of the FT body containing 3 wt.% ulexite concentrator waste was reduced by 100°C.

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