The kinetics of dissolution of Amazonian metakaolin in hydrochloric acid (HCl) was studied using the ‘Shrinking Core Model’ for spherical and ‘flat plate’ particles of constant size. The Amazonian kaolin was calcined at 700°C for 2 h. The calcined samples (metakaolins) were leached in an HCl solution with 5% excess at 70, 80 and 95 ± 3°C for 3 h. Samples were collected every 15 min and subjected to Al analysis by the EDTA titrimetric method. Experimental data showed that the spherical morphology produced a better fit with respect to the regression coefficients. The activation energy of the reaction was 90.6 kJ/mol. The chemical process is a first-order leaching reaction. The results of the present study are consistent with those from previous research on this topic, which used HCl with an excess of >90%.

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