The EPR spectrum of a previously unreported paramagnetic centre formed in kaolin minerals by exposure to γ radiation is described. This centre, which is referred to here as the ‘C-centre’, was seen initially during an investigation of the radiation dose response of the EPR signal in the natural Lampang kaolin from northern Thailand, and its EPR properties are now presented for a purified sample from this material. They suggest a paramagnetic centre with rhombic symmetry based on O associated with a single 27Al atom. Computer simulations suggest spin Hamiltonian parameters of g1 = 1.976, g3 = 2.0417 and A(27Al) = 2.10 mT, with g2 ≈ 2.01. This C-centre was also seen as a minor radiation-induced component in both crude and purified Ranong kaolin samples, along with a stronger signal from the B-centre radical. It seems to be associated with the kaolinite component, but was lost on annealing to 300°C after which only the signal from the A-centre was visible.

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