Lime-based mortars with admixtures of metakaolin (10, 20 and 30 wt.%) and fine sepiolite (5 wt.%) were prepared with the aim of facilitating their use as repair mortars in low-humidity conditions. The mechanical properties and the dynamic modulus of elasticity were studied after 28, 90 and 180 days of curing. With an increasing amount of metakaolin in lime mortars, improved mechanical strength was observed mainly after 90 days. Addition of fine sepiolite, due to its adsorption properties for storing water for later supply to the mortar system and its microfibrous morphology, led to an improvement of compressive and flexural strength of blended air lime/air lime-metakaolin mortars, especially at later ages of curing. Incorporation of fine sepiolite into air lime-metakaolin mortars resulted in comprehensive densification of the core of the mortars. Air lime mortar containing 5 wt.% of fine sepiolite and 20 wt.% of metakaolin appears to be an optimal admixture.

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