This investigation was carried out to determine whether the adsorptive and ion-exchange properties of faujasite (FAU) could be used to delivery locally the anticancer drugs gemcitanine hydrochloride (dFdU.HCl) and oxaliplatin (DACH-Pt). A soaking procedure was used for the determination of the maximum adsorption capacity of FAU and the mechanism described here was achieved. 274 mg dFdU.HCl/g FAU were adsorbed in 16 h, while 48 h were needed for the adsorption of 79.7 mg DACH-Pt/g FAU. Drug release studies were carried out by soaking the samples of loaded FAU in simulation body fluids (SBF). After only one hour 76% of dFdU.HCl was released while the release of DACH-Pt from the FAU was more normal since 38% of DACH-Pt was released in the first 24 h.

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