This paper presents results from comparative thermogravimetric, calorimetric and pozzolanic activity analyses of five natural zeolite samples from Bulgaria, Slovakia, Philippines, USA and North Korea. The zeolites actively participate in the hydration processes of cement. Their activity in the early stage of hydration is based mainly on the large surface area of the particles while, in the later stages of activation, chemical reactions occur between the products of the hydration of cement and the soluble SiO2 that is present in the bulk of the zeolites. It has been shown that in all cement pastes which contain zeolite additives, the quantity of portlandite is lower than that in pure cement paste or is even totally absent. The amounts of hydration products are greater when 30% zeolite is used than when 10% zeolite is added (excluding the sample with chabazite). The lowest pozzolanic activity is shown by chabazite, which possessed the lowest SiO2/Al2O3 ratio.

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