Al-lizardite has been synthesized under hydrothermal conditions (200°C). Morphologically, Al-lizardite consists of thin platy particles ∼400 Å wide and ∼150 Å thick. Structurally, the X-ray diffraction patterns indicate that the 2H2 polytype is dominant, with cell parameters: a = 5.311(0.006) Å; c = 14.333 (0.013) Å and space group P63. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy images revealed, however, the presence of other polytypes and abundant stacking disorder. Chemically, Al-lizardite consists of a single population with average tetrahedral composition Si1.74Al0.26. In contrast to previously described Al-rich serpentines (amesite and Al-lizardite), this Al-lizardite is characterized by an asymmetrical Al distribution, with VIAl ≈0.70 and IVAl ≈0.25 atoms per formula unit.

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