Scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) and transmission electronic microscopy (TEM) investigations of chlorite grain coatings from four different sandstone reservoirs indicate a progressive change in both texture and arrangement of chlorite particles from the contact with the detrital substratum to the centre of the pore. Such spatial distribution results from growth by geometrical selection. Geometrical selection of chlorite crystals proceeded during a single event of continuous growth which began before the consolidation of the sandy sediments, lasted through part of the subsequent mechanical compaction and ceased before the occurrence of quartz cement. Nanopetrographic investigations near the detrital quartz-chlorite coating interface demonstrate that inhibition of the quartz cement is due to the limitation of the epitaxial growth of quartz to the interparticular space at the base of the chlorite coating and not an absence of nucleation. It is suggested that these results can be applied to most of the sandstones which contain Fe-rich chlorite grain coatings.

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