The following are some papers to be published in the June 2002 issue of Clay Minerals:

Mainak Mookherjee and S.A.T. Redfern. An in situ high-temperature Fourier-transform infrared study of the interlayer and the Si–O-stretching region in phengite-2M1

M.D. Ruiz Cruz, E. Puga, L. Aguirre, M. Vergara and D. Morata. Vermiculite-like minerals in low-grade metasediments from the coastal range of central Chile

N. Taitel-Goldman and A. Singer. Metastable Si-Fe phases in hydrothermal sediments of Atlantis II Deep, Red Sea

F. José dos Santos, O.S. Siqueira, A.A.S.T. Delben, J.R.J. Deblen and P. Melnikov. Spongolite: a hollow fibrous mineral from...

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