The following are some papers to be published in the March 2002 issue of Clay Minerals:

M.J. Belzunce Segarra, M.J. Wilson, A.R. Fraser, E. Lachowski and M.L. Duthie. Clay mineralogy of Galician coastal and oceanic surface sediments: contributions from terrigenous and authigenic sources

M. Bosetto, P. Arfaioli and O.L. Pantani. Study on the Maillard reaction products formed by glycine plus D-glucose on different mineral substrates

L.J. Michot and F. Villieras. Assessment of surface energetic heterogeneity of synthetic Na-saponites. The role of layer charge.

R. Baddreddine, R. Le Dred and R. Prost. A far infrared study of K+ ions...

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