The following are some papers to be published in forthcoming issues of Clay Minerals:

C. Breen and A.J. Moronta. Influence of exchange cation and layer charge on the isomerization of α-Pinene over SWy-2, SAz-1 and Sap-Ca

C. Maqueda and E. Morillo. Sorption of chlormequat on montmorillonite as affected by dissolved copper. Influence of background electrolytes

M. Suárez Barrios, C. de Santiago Buey, E. García Romero and J.M. Martín Pozas. Textural and structural modifications of Saponite from Cerro del Aguila (Toledo, Spain) under acid treatment

S. Fiore, F.J. Huertas, F. Huertas and J. Linares. Smectite formation in rhyolitic obsidian as inferred...

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