The following are some papers to be published in future issues of Clay Minerals:

M. Burkhard and N. Badertscher. Finite strain has no influence on the illite crystallinity of tectonized Eocene limestone breccias of the Morcles nappe, Swiss Alps

M. Burkhard and D. Goy-Eggenberger. Near vertical iso-illite-crystallinity surfaces cross-cut the recumbent fold structure of the Morcles nappe, Swiss Alps

B. Kübler and D. Goy-Eggenberger. Aggradation des connaissances sur la cristallinité de l’illite ces trente dernières années

D. Beaufort, G. Berger, J.C. Lacharpagne and A. Meunier. An experimental alteration of mont-morillonite into a di + trioctahedral smectite assemblage at 100°C...

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