The following are some papers to be published in future issues of Clay Minerals:

A. Plançon. Order-disorder in clay mineral structures

J. Środoń and N. Clauer. Diagenetic history of Lower Palaeozoic sediments in Pomerania (northern Poland) traced across the Teisseyre-Tornquist tectonic zone using mixed-layer illite-smectite

A. Bauer, T. Schäfer, R. Dohrmann, H. Hoffmann and J.I. Kim. Smectite stability in acid salt solutions and the fate of Eu, Th and U in solution

M.-P. Bolle and T. Adatte. Palaeocene-early Eocene climatic evolution in the Tethyan realm: clay mineral evidence

F. Martínez-Ruiz, M. Ortega Huertas and I. Palomo. Climate, tectonics and meteoritic...

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