The following are some papers to be published in future issues of Clay Minerals:

J. Cornejo, R. Celis, I. Pavlovic, M.A. Ulibarri and M.C. Hermosín. Structural changes in phenol intercalated hydrotalcite caused by heating

P. Uhlík, V. Šucha, F. Elsass and M. Čaplovičová. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy of mixed-layer clays dispersed in PVP-10: a new technique to distinguish detrital and authigenic illitic material

J. Madejová, J. Bujdák, S. Petit and P. Komadel. Effects of chemical composition and temperature of heating on the infrared spectra of Li-saturated dioctahedral smectites: I. Mid-infrared region

J. Madejová, J. Bujdák, S. Petit and P. Komadel....

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