A new mineral species, murphyite (IMA 2021-107), ideally Pb(TeO4), has been found from the Grand Central mine, Tombstone, Arizona, USA. It occurs as bladed or prismatic crystals on top of a quartz matrix. Associated minerals include chlorargyrite, emmonsite, ottoite, stolzite, scheelite, schieffelinite, quartz, and jarosite. Individual crystals of murphyite are up to 0.20 × 0.05 × 0.05 mm in size. Twinning is common on {100}. Murphyite is colorless to very pale yellow in transmitted light, transparent with white streak and adamantine luster. It is brittle and has a Mohs hardness of ∼3½, with perfect cleavage on {100}. The calculated density is 7.579 g/cm3. Murphyite is insoluble in water or hydrochloric acid. An electron microprobe analysis yielded the empirical formula (based on 4 O apfu): (Pb0.96Fe0.03Mn0.02)Σ1.01[(Te0.61W0.38)Σ0.99O4], which can be simplified to Pb[(Te,W)O4].

Murphyite is the Te-analogue of raspite, Pb(WO4), and represents the first mineral with Te6+ substituting for W6+ over 50%. It is monoclinic with space group P21/a and unit-cell parameters a = 13.6089(3), b = 5.01750(10), c = 5.5767(2) Å, β = 107.9280(10)°, V = 362.302(17) Å3, and Z = 4. Its crystal structure consists of distorted MO6 (M = Te + W) octahedra sharing edges to form zigzag chains running parallel to [010]. These chains are linked together by PbO7 polyhedra. Compared to raspite, the substitution of W6+ by Te6+, which has a smaller ionic radius, results in a noticeable structural change: a significant decrease in MO6 octahedral angle distortion, with a concomitant increase in both MO6 octahedral volume and average Pb–O bond length. The unit-cell volume increases from 358.72(4) Å3 for raspite to 362.302(17) Å3 for murphyite. Raman spectroscopic data show that the major peak ascribable to M–O symmetrical stretching vibrations within the MO6 octahedron is centered at 870 cm−1 for raspite but at 881 cm−1 for murphyite.

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