A gravity and magnetic survey of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and adjacent Pacific continental shelf was conducted to define the tectonic framework in this 20 to 35 km wide seaway and its relation to that of Vancouver Island and the Olympic Peninsula. The offshore extensions of large onshore faults are delineated by linear magnetic and gravity anomalies. One of these, the Leech River fault of southern Vancouver Island, marks the northern limit of oceanic-type basaltic basement present in western Washington and Oregon. This fault probably continues southeast-ward from Vancouver Island across the strait to near the northeastern coast of the Olympic Peninsula, and westward across the strait to the continental shelf off Cape Flattery. The Calawah fault, which extends northwestward from near Cape Flattery onto the Pacific shelf, terminates the Leech River fault. Northwest of the Leech River fault on the shelf, the Calawah fault probably is the contact between oceanic and continental crustal types. The gravity and magnetic data also indicate the location of folds, other faults, and areas of shallow basement rocks.

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