The results of seismic refraction profiles on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia and on the continental shelf off Nova Scotia are presented. Compressional and shear waves have been observed in the crust and mantle and suggest that the thickness of the crust is about 34 km. The compressional wave velocities recorded in the main crust and upper mantle are 6.10 and 8.11 km s−1 respectively. No compressional waves with values of velocity between these values can be identified, and this suggests that any "intermediate" layer is thin or absent. The corresponding shear wave velocities are 3.68 and 4.53 km s−1. Values of Poisson's ratio in the crust and mantle are 0.22 and 0.28. Alternative models of the crust which, on the evidence of travel times, might fit the observed results are discussed.

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