Graptolites described from the Laforce Formation include Monograptus priodon, Pristiograptus bohemicus bohemicus, P. dubius cf. P. dubius thuringicus, and Saetograptus? colonus compactus. A Wenlockian to early Ludlovian age is indicated. St. Léon Formation graptolites include Lobograptus? scanicus, Monoclimacis micropoma, Pristiograptus bohemicus bohemicus, and Saetograptus? colonus compactus, of Ludlovian age, and Monograptus ex. gr. microdon, M. praehercynicus, Pristiograptus aequabilis aequabilis, and Linograptus posthumus posthumus of Early Devonian, probably Gedinnian, age.A new subspecies Pristiograptus aequabilis gaspesiensis of early Devonian age is described from the St. Léon Formation of the Lesseps Brook locality.

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