Further statistical tests have been made on levelling data in the Lac St. Jean area of Québec. These tests confirm that relative to Québec City there is downward movement focussed about Stoneham at the rate of 45.7 cm per century with a 95% confidence limit of ± 14.5 cm per century, and that there is uplift to the north and west with rates and 95% confidence limits of 58.8 ± 12.5 cm per century at St. Félicien and 83.5 ± 22.8 cm per century at Senneterre.A test for correlation between elevation differences and movement rates showed no significant effect; this is interpreted as evidence there was no appreciable systematic error in the levelling. From these analyses the possibility that the results might be explained in terms of errors, either random or systematic, can be rejected without any reservations.

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