Four moraine systems are recognized within the area. The oldest was deposited at the margin of a major outlet glacier about 600 m a.s.1 Local corrie glaciers in the Sulung and Itidlirn Valleys show three and two moraine systems respectively, which in part have over-ridden the lateral moraine. Studies of the degree of boulder weathering and the rounding of pebble edges on the four units allows cross-correlation between Itidlirn and Sulung Valleys. Weathering ratios are used to tentatively date the moraines as follows: lateral moraine of the outlet valley glacier, 43 000± years old; Phase 1 corrie moraine in Sulung Valley 35 000± years old; Phase 2 corrie moraines 23 000± years old and the youngest corrie moraines (Phase 3) 12 500± years old, as determined from weathering studies in adjacent valleys.

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