The author completely reviews previous geophysical work related to the nature and structure of the earth's crust in Fennoscandia. He explains the analytical procedure used for the seismic data and the method used to locate seismic events in Fennoscandia. Having described the method of analysis, the procedure for the calculation of the velocity of the seismic waves, and the location of seismic events which originate from Fennoscandia as well as the characteristics of the seismic waves registered, the author calculates the thickness of 3 layers which constitute the earth's crust at various localities in Fennoscandia and drafts a spatial distribution for the thickness of each of these layers. The first order variations, which agree with the relative thickness of the layers, indicate the presence of a generally east-west gradient. A general thinning of the crust was observed to the west in Fennoscandia. In view of the results obtained, the author draws conclusions relative to the tectonic activity and the global geodynamics in Fennoscandia.

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