The late Early Devonian succession in northern Yukon Territory contains a well-preserved dacryoconarid tentaculite fauna dominated by Turkestanella acuaria (Richter) in the upper part of the Road River Formation and T. acuaria and Nowakia parabarrandei Churkin and Carter in the overlying Michelle Formation. Based on the dacryoconarid tentaculite fauna the bulk of the Michelle Formation in the Ogilvie to Hart Rivers area is dated as late Pragian (early Emsian), and based on the graptolite and dacryoconarid tentaculite fauna the uppermost Road River Formation in the Blackstone River area is dated as Pragian (early Emsian or late Siegenian or both). The appearance of species of Nowakia in northern Yukon considerably earlier than in Bohemia is documented. It is concluded that some genera of the Dacryoconarida were influenced in their occurrence by environmental factors. New species described are Turkestanella minuta, Viriatellina michellensis, Guerichina lenini, Styliolina blackstonensis, and Metastyliolina conica.

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