A Lower Oligocene deposit, the Calf Creek local fauna of the Cypress Hills Formation, near Eastend, Saskatchewan, yielded the remains of one salamander, three anurans, three turtles, a crocodilian, six lizards, and three snakes. All of the 13 herpetological families identified are extant. The four amphibian genera identified are extant, but only two of nine reptilian genera identified are living today. One genus and species and one species of iguanid lizard, one species of xantusiid lizard, and one species of small boid snake are described as new. The Calf Creek local fauna herpetofauna indicates a subtropical or tropical climate. The herpetofauna of the Calf Creek local fauna shows several differences from the herpetofauna of the Middle Eocene Tabernacle Butte local fauna of the Bridger Formation of Wyoming.

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