Recent mapping in northeastern Quebec and northern Labrador has shown no structural discontinuity between areas forming parts of the Churchill and Nain structural provinces. Structural trends and geological map-units pass directly from the Churchill province into the area known as Western Nain sub-province. Only one period of folding and metamorphism has been recognized in both areas. Therefore, the concept of the Western Nain sub-province is refuted.The area previously known as Eastern Nain sub-province forms a discrete structural and geological unit and therefore is considered to form a structural province renamed Nain. A more southerly location of the Grenville Front adds approximately 3500 sq. miles (9060 sq. km) to the redefined Nain province. This wedge-shaped area, lying north of the Grenville Front, shows northeasterly to easterly trends as opposed to northerly trends in most of the redefined Nain province. This structural discordance indicates a new sub-province, the Mak-kovik, immediately north of the Grenville Front.

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